Hi guys, I'm an italian cosplayer, photographer and "artist".

I love loli and Japan.

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The cover says: Please remember me, even if I can no longer see the world.

Track: Free! Eternal Summer ED FUTURE FISH Rin Matsuoka Ed
Artist: Rin Matsuoka (CV: Mamoru Miyano)
Album: Free! Eternal Summer ED
Plays: 51796

FUTURE FISH Rin Matsuoka (Mamoru Miyano) Solo Version.

I'm in grief.
Read Tokyo Ghoul is bad.
I'm bad.
I'm crying.
.....I want hug Kaneki. (/´Д`)/


This gives me hope that there will either be a sequel or that Kaneki will return in the final volume. We are with you Touka. 100% of the way.